Wednesday, 4 May 2011

UEE was jealous of Lizzy’s rising popularity

After School’s UEE recently confessed that she was jealous of groupmate Lizzy.

On May 3rd, she guested on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘ and revealed, “The reason I got less confident in variety shows is because of ‘Strong Heart’ and Kang Ho Dong.”

She explained, “While I was taking a break from variety shows, Lizzy became a variety show goddess. When she appeared on ‘Strong Heart’, Kang Ho Dong gave her the look that he has given me before. I was much loved by Ho Dong oppa before, and so I felt disappointed that he gave Lizzy the same loving look. I was also surprised because she seemed to do better than expected on variety shows. I even told her before she went on ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Variety shows are not hard’.”

UEE explained that while she was a trainee, Lizzy was quite shy. However, it seems that with time, she’s grown into a confident variety show queen. The idol was also determined to express that she too had refreshing charms to show off, and delivered a fun performance of Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok City“.


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