Saturday, 7 May 2011

Kim Shin Young’s doctor warns that she may have to retire from the industry

For the first time since her debut, comedian Kim Shin Young will appear in a reality program.

Scheduled to guest on the May 10th episode of MBC’s “Dramatic”, Kim Shin Young will show off a more womanly image, unlike her typical light and carefree one.

Not only that, but Kim Shin Young will reveal her feelings about continuing her entertainment career despite her suddenly worsened health conditions.

The star was diagnosed with a fatty liver and hypoglycaemia, which worsened after she contracted swine flu. Currently, she’s going to an oriental medical clinic for treatment.

Kim Shin Young’s doctor expressed the seriousness of her status by stating, “If it continues like this, the worse case senario will result in her quitting her entertainment career.”

Responding to this, Kim Shin Young’s manager (who’s been with her for the past 6 years) and her close friends expressed their love towards her as they made plans for her health recovery.


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