Thursday, 28 April 2011

Oh my school episode 23

The country's best idol stars gathered in one place and had a competition with their hometown pride on the line.

48 of the country's best idol stars including BEAST's Lee Kikwang, T-ara's Jiyeon, and 4minute's Hyunah, gathered at the Bu-Chun stadium to participate in the KBS 'National idol sports festival' on the 20th.

At the 'National idol sports festival' the teams were divided by hometown: Seoul team, Gyeong-gi team, Gangwon·Choong-chung team, Gyeong-sang team, Jeon-ra·Jeju team, Overseas team. The teams participated in different events, from fitness tests to track and field events.

At the recording, there were current idols such as BEAST, Mblaq, 4minute, T-ara, Secret, MissA, ZE:A, Teen Top, Dalmation, Dalshabet, Bebe Mignon, Brave Girls, Block B, and 1st generation idols/adult-idols such as Kim Sanghyuk, Jewelry, Lee Hyun, Tim, Kim Yongjoon, and SsamD.

On this day, the idol stars participated in the following events: sit-ups, chin-ups, and other fitness tests as well as 50m sprints, in-line rollerblading, relays, and other track events. The idol stars showed great competitiveness to earn the medals for each event.

Also, although they are from different companies, the idol stars, being teamed up with people from the same hometown, they developed closer friendships and teamwork with each other. They cheered on for each other and supported each other, producing touching scenes.

Besides the fierce competitiveness of the 48 idol stars and the thrilling games, the 'National idol sports festival' will be even more exciting with the commentary from Park Myungsoo, Kim Taehyun, Kim Shinyoung, and KBS announcer Lee Kwangyoung.


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