Thursday, 21 April 2011

f(x)’s Victoria models “Estee Lauder” for ‘High Cut’

f(x)’s Victoria has been busy with her latest endorsement deal with make-up brand “Estee Lauder“. The CF footage and still cuts that were revealed earlier aren’t the end of it, as “High Cut” magazine recently went behind-the-scenes with the singer on the set of her latest shoot.
Fans already knew that Victoria was a woman of many charms, but who knew that she’d be able to perfect two sharply contrasting looks so perfectly? Wearing a pure white dress for one concept, she uses her bright and lovely charm to work up the look of innocence. For the concept, she dons a sleeker look in black to express a contrasting sultry look.
Additional cuts and her beauty secrets can be found in the 52nd edition of “High Cut”, which was released on April 21st.


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