Thursday, 21 April 2011

4minute’s Sohyun thanks fans for their first “Mirror Mirror” win

On April 22nd, maknae Sohyun of 4minute shared a photo celebrating the group’s first win on yesterday’s “M! Countdown” for their new song, “Mirror Mirror“.
Sohyun tweeted, “I know that just saying thank you isn’t enough, so we’ll always be working our hardest. Thank you so much for taking an interest in us, thank you for giving us so much love. ♥”
She continued, “We love you. We promise to become a team like a stone pot. *kiss*”
Netizens commented, “Please become a team like a stone pot!”, “What do you mean stone pot?”, “Congratulations on your win!”, “Your group just automatically makes me think of the word lovely”, and “Don’t lose your rookie mindset, fighting!”


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