Sunday, 20 October 2013

Konsert #Infinite #OneGreatStep #Live di #Malaysia #OGSMY

The best concert aku pernah pergi. 

Music is awesome. you can actually hear their singing live. gempak gilaaaaaaaa. dancing pun smart. cant believe im seeing all those scorpion spider dance LIVEEE!!!!! 

Latar and efek pun sangat cantik. the view is so magical beyond words can ever describe.

and the boys???? they messing with my heart. how can they do this to me???? they speak in bahasa melayu. 

"kamu kepunyaan saya, saya kepunyaan kamu"
"saya sungjong. saya lelaki comel"
"nama saya sungyeol, saya lelaki sekshi"
"rindu kite??"

dammit im just cant. im laugning of happiness XD

the one of the most yang aku tak tahan, dari 7 orang, empat orang stand kat area aku ang guess what?? they were directly looking at me.

hoya, myungsoo, sungjong, sungyeol.

these people just make eye contact with me and smileeeeeeeee. these kids and their flawless makeup face. how dare you make my jiwa bergelora. how could you!!!!!. sungjong smile and wink at me. tatau kaloSyed Azim perasan ke x. tapi aku was like "oh hello!!!" main mata balik LOLOLOL. and he was like senyum lagi. arghhhhhhhh my crush know how to play this gameeeeee. 

paling gempak L turun pentas and he was like 3 rows away from me. and he smile with that gorgeous face of his. 

part last yang they bow kat my area, everyone making eye contact with me. my veins just explode at that moment. 

namu making marriage proposal and i said yessss. how dare this guy making me do such a thingggggggg. 

they flirting with us so much i cant even. im blooming with love XD

and guess what??? our side paling ramai fanboys. depan and belakang aku ramai gila fanboys. and guess what??? bila geng infinite datang to our side they show this excited+shock+happy.

im not exaggerating when i say this is the concert yang artist laki datang, fanboys paling ramai yg aku pernah tgk. 

GUYSSSSSSSSS. Im so happy i almost cry when they bid their farewell. they leave a permanent mark on my heart, my brain, and my memory. 

Thank you Infinite for making me the happiest person tonight.

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Kredit : Laven Ich


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