Friday, 9 December 2011

#Dragonica #SEA : All users who got banned recently

For all users who have been banned recently, please drop a ticket here in order to enquire about the ban. We've discovered a number of players who have been buying cash from RMT website. Users who have been found or 'suspected' of trading with RMT sellers so will receive a temporary ban while pending investigation.

Attempting Real Monetary Trade (RMT) and others

Monetary trades are often associated with scam issues. Users are reminded not to use any 1-Way methods of trading (Gift Functions etc) For the safety of all gamers, we do not encourage or condone such actions. IAHGames will not be responsible for any Game Currency or Items removed from an account if they are found to be obtained illegally. All users (Buyer/Seller) are solely responsible for their own actions for any form of trades.

Any Real Monetary Transactions for Cash Points, Game Currency, Game Items, or other Game Services not officially recognized by IAHGames are considered illegal game activities. Any players engaging in such activities will face permanent account suspension for misuse of the game service.

Some examples of RMT (Real Monetary Trading) and illegal activities are as follows:

Selling/Buying/Trading cash points for Game Accounts or game currency. There is no trading system which allows the trading of cash point to gold. Please DO NOT take chances by exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

Unauthorized provision of game service(s) for real money or in game profit. (Power-leveling, farming of in game item(s) or currency for the purpose of profit of any kind)

Buying/Selling/Exchange of any Game Account(s), game item(s) or currency using real money

Selling of in game currency (Example: Gold or Cash point etc) for real money

Trading of accounts, cross server trades and any other form of trading that is not within the game system mechanic. Example: Trading of gaming account for gold, cash points or items. This is illegal and there are no in-game systems to support such trading.

Please purchase cash points only from our authorized dealers. For more information, please visit our website at Please consult any admins or Mods in forum if in doubt.


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