Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Korea’s top hip hop artists to take over Lotte World for ‘Hip Hop Lotte World’ concert!

For the first time in two years, some of Korea’s biggest hip hop musicians will be making their way to the Lotte World Garden Stage for an all-night concert party titled, “Hip Hop in Lotte World Season 2 – All Night Party“!
Leessang, Eun Ji Won, Yang Dong Geun, Supreme Team, Bizzy, Fresh Boys, Kim Jae Woo, Jung In, and Jo Moon Geun are considered to be the leaders of the current hip hop wave in Korea, but they’re also familiar names to the mainstream public as well, thanks to their activities on several variety shows and music programs.
To celebrate such a formidable gathering of talent, this concert is going all out – the organizers rented out the entire Lotte World for this large-scale event, which is particularly impressive since it’s rare for the park to close down early for a hip hop concert.
As such, “Hip Hop in Lotte World’ has become a sort of legendary brand amongst Korean hip hop fans.
If you’re in Korea, be sure to not to miss out on this phenomenal concert on June 18th!  The concert will be held twice in one night, the first starting at 11:30 PM KST, and the second starting at 2:30 AM KST, for a total of 240 minutes. Attendees will also be able to enjoy the rides at the park for free.
Representatives commented, “It’s a fresh party concept that allows the audience members to enjoy both the hip hop concert and the park rides at the same time. Compared to the previous 2009 season, we’ve prepared a wider variety of performances.”


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