Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kim Bum Soo reveals teaser for “End Love”

His mentor in Survival I Am A Singer is Park Myung Soo

You can watch it at here : CLICK HERE 

It’s been a long nine months, but fans will soon get to hear the second part of Kim Bum Soo’s seventh album, “Last Love (SOLISTA : Part.2)“!
The title song of this album, “End Love“, was written with the help of composer Yoon Il Sang, who wrote Kim Bum Soo’s mega-hit, “I Miss You”.
Kim Bum Soo’s management company, Polaris Entertainment, stated, “The main part of Kim Bum Soo’s seventh album, ‘Part 1′, was comprised of collaborations between Kim Bum Soo and the many skilled artists in Korea, such as Park Jin Young, Jung Yeob, and Lee Seung Chul. However, in Kim Bum Soo’s second part of his seventh album, we worked hard so that fans would be able to hear a stronger, thicker version of Kim Bum Soo’s vocal style.”
They also added, “Just like in the previous album, we added an acoustic sound to this new release. To raise the emotions felt while listening to his music, the songs have been arranged to the finest degree, and it will captivate the hearts of many fans.”


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