Saturday, 11 June 2011

5dolls’ Eun Gyo shows off her breakdancing skills

On June 11th, 5dollsEun Gyo guested on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World” and impressed viewers with her breakdancing skills.
Panelists noticed that she had lost a bit of weight, to which she replied with a cringe, “I’m on a diet and am only eating vegetables.” MC Park Mi Sun asked, “Then how much do you weigh?“  Uncomfortable with the question, Eun Gyo remained quiet until she was asked again, “Do you weigh over 50 kg (110 pounds)?” She replied, “No, I don’t weigh over 50 kg yet.”

Eun Gyo went on to show off her specialty, which is breakdancing.  On the spot, she wowed the crowd by performing a variety of powerful, complex moves likes back tumbling.
On her way back to her seat, however, her legs gave way and she fell, leading concerned MCs to advise her to stop dieting and eat some protein.


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