Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cancellation of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100″

After news broke that KBS 2TV would be revamping their Saturday program line-up, B2ST’s Yoseobshared his thoughts after recording the final episode of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100“.
On May 18th, Yoseob shared his memories of being on the show. He tweeted, “I was often caught off guard when I heard ‘100 points’ and ‘Hyangsuk-ah!’ while recording. Gi Kwang also came out on the show and kept me in check. The monkey makeup punishment was embarrassing too. I’m proud to have been nicknamed ‘the dance copier’ and I’ll remember the classroom being warm… I’m beginning to miss the last recording of ‘100 Points’ and the show itself. Thank you to everyone who had faith in me during my time on the show.”
In response to his sad tweet, fans replied, “That’s too bad”, “Thank you for all your hard work”, and “I miss you already, now that I won’t be seeing you [on the show].”
Meanwhile, “100 Points out of 100″ will be replaced by “Immortal Song 2“.
KBS 2TV has reported that their two programs, “100 Points out of 100” and “On Your Command, Sir“, will be coming to an end due to a revamping of their Saturday line-up.
An official from KBS stated, “‘100 Points out of 100′ and ‘On Your Command, Sir’ will be removed from the Saturday evening time slot and replaced with new variety programs under the tentative title, ‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday‘.”
“Declaration of Freedom Saturday”, which will include “Secret” and “Immortal Song 2“, is a new format that is modeled after KBS’s Sunday line-up, “Happy Sunday.”
“Secret” is a program centered around the secrets of seven celebrities who will be talking about their secrets and playing accompanying games. As reported previously, “Immortal Song 2″ is a singing competition program where the best vocal talents within idol groups show off their skills.
KBS officials added, “For now, it was decided that ‘100 Points out of 100′ and ‘On Your Command, Sir’ will be canceled. However, there’s a possibility that the two will be combined to form a new program. There are still many variables, we will decide by the middle of next week after discussions.”


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