Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Park Kyung Lim and Kim Shin Young transform into Princess Fiona and Shrek

MC Park Kyung Lim and comedian Kim Shin Young have transformed into characters from the popular movie “Shrek“.

On April 27th, Park Kyung Lim tweeted, “Along with sending a message, I’m uploading a picture, too~ It’s the picture that Min Joon (Park Kyung Rim’s son) saw and cried because he said that it was the two heads of a goblin!!! Shrek~ and Fiona~”

In the picture, Kim Shin Young and Park Kyung Rim have transformed into Shrek and Fiona by painting their faces green and wearing horns on their heads – displaying bitter expressions on their faces. It is truly understandable why a young child like Min Joon would be shocked by seeing this picture!


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