Tuesday, 26 April 2011

MBLAQ Members Seung Ho and G.O to be the 4th We Got Married Couple?

MBLAQ‘s leader, Seung Ho, surprised fans today when he uploaded a photo onto Twitter with the caption, “우리결혼했어요 4번째커플 which when translated means, “We Got Married’s fourth couple.”
The photo revealed Seung Ho and the second eldest group member, G.O, snuggling under a blanket with closed eyes. Many fans were overwhelmed by the photo and posted their personal thoughts.
G.O may I take your place please?
awwwwwwwww hahahaha cutest thing ever!!!
Awwwwww *–* seunghooooo~ *–* ♥ G.O is so lucky! I want hug to seungho too!!!! ♥ . ♥
That is so sweet! Excuse me while I go squeal like the fangirl that I am.
Many fans are definitely jealous of G.O’s position. Who would you want to exchange places with?


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